How to Make a Bald Head Shine After Shaving

If you're bald and you're proud, chances are you prefer a shiny head that attracts attention from others from hundreds of yards away. Since a dull-looking scalp is usually the result of dry skin or excessive exposure to the sun, you can use of combination of moisturizers, aftershaves and other specialty products that will make your head glow after shaving.

Practice proper shaving methods to make your bald head shine. Always use a sharp razor to shave your head, preferably a multiblade version like the HeadBlade (see Resources below). Use a moisturizing shaving gel, and always soak your head in plenty of warm water to soften the hair before you start the shaving process.

Make your bald head shine after shaving by using only mild soaps and skin cleansers when you bathe. Soaps with harsh chemicals and perfumes can dry out your scalp and irritate the hair follicles, making your skin look dull and splotchy. Stick with soaps and cleansers that are made from all-natural or organic ingredients.

Use pure aloe vera gel or lotion to make your bald head shine after shaving. Aloe vera keeps the skin on your scalp properly moisturized, even when you spend a lot of time out in the sun. Just massage a healthy handful into your scalp immediately after shaving, and dab your skin dry with a thick towel, taking care not to rub back and forth.

Use sunscreen to help your bald head retain a healthy glow, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Excessive exposure to bright sunlight can dull and dry your scalp, resulting in discoloration, sunburn, peeling, freckles and even skin cancer. Select a sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 15, or even more if you are fair-skinned.

Apply common moisturizing skin creams, such as Pond's or Noxzema, to keep your bald head shiny and smooth. Many of the cold creams that have been around for decades are still effective in keeping skin smooth, soft and glowing.