Are There Benefits of Tanning Oil?

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Tanning oils can be used both indoors and out, although they’re more popular for outdoor tanning. For tanning beds, tanning creams and lotions are more common. Indoor and outdoor tanning oils have different compositions and ingredients, so make sure you choose the right one for the type of tanning you’re planning.

Keeps Skin Moisturized

Moisturized skin tans better, according to Tanning Training. This is especially true when tanning in spring and summer, as winter weather tends to dry out the skin. Tanning oil can help the skin stay flexible and pliable, providing a more even tan. Tanning oils are especially good for people with dry skin, as they create a protective layer that will not only moisturize the skin, but also improve its feel and look. A good tanning oil should contain moisturizing agents such as sodium PCA, glycerine, sodium isethionate or panthenol. Sodium PCA is a natural element, so it binds water better, according to Tanning Training.

Speeds Up Tanning

Tanning oils contain no UV protection. According to Master Tanning, oils reflect light, increasing tanning speed and giving the illusion of a darker tan. Some ingredients added to tanning oils speed up the process even more. This is the case of tanning oils that contain melanin, the natural compound that produces your skin color. Other oils contain “tingling” ingredients, which produce a slight burning sensation while you’re tanning. This effect also accelerates the production of melanin and the speed of your tan.

Protects Skin

A number of natural ingredients, including essential oils, will improve the health of your skin when using regularly. These ingredients do more than moisturize. They actually supply the skin with essential nutrients. Look for oils that contain hemp or coconut oils, natural botanical extracts, riboflavin or L-tyrosine, all of which will benefit your skin for the long run. Vitamin E, a common ingredient in tanning oils, will also help protect your skin against aging.