Different Positions for a Tanning Bed

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Uneven tans are embarrassing. Nothing is worse than discovering that your glowing tan is broken up by undesirable creases or underexposed skin. Tanning beds are a quick and convenient way to achieve glowing, bronzed skin. However, poor positioning in the tanning bed will lead to the hassle of trying to fix areas that have not been properly tanned. To ensure that you receive an allover, even tan, there are a few tips and tricks that can be used during your tanning session.

Tanning Your Neck

Most tanning beds come with a neck pillow to ensure that you are comfortable while you are tanning. While you may be more comfortable with a pillow, you will not get an even tan. Many people forget about their neck while they are tanning and end up with a significantly lighter strip of skin on their neck then the rest of their body. To avoid this, remove the pillow and lay flat. Tip your head to give yourself a little more comfort. Ensure that your neck is exposed to the tanning bed before you begin your session.


During a tanning session, ensure that your arms and legs are getting an even tan. When you lay flat with your arms down at your sides and your legs together, the inside of your arms and legs will not get tan. To avoid uneven tanning, spread your arms and legs apart. Many people find that raising their arms above their heads results in an even tan. Switch positions every few minutes to further ensure that your appendages are fully exposed.

Back and Stomach

Most people lay flat on their back while tanning. This position will guarantee that most major skin is exposed. Try to lay as flat as possible. To avoid creasing on your back side, raise knees slightly one at a time during the last part of your tanning session. This will stretch the skin on your back side to create a smooth, flawless tan. Laying on the stomach for the entire tanning session can be uncomfortable. To ensure that you are receiving an all-over tan, switch from laying on your back to laying on your stomach halfway through your tanning session. Switching positions will also decrease potential crease lines on the back side.

Raccoon Eyes

Always wear goggles during a tanning session. Your eyelids are made up of paper-thin skin. Rays from the tanning bed can penetrate your eyelids and cause damage to your eyes. You can achieve a flawless face tan while still wearing goggles. During your tanning session, adjust your goggles one or two times so they do not stay on one part of the skin too long. Make sure that the goggles continue to cover your eyelids when you adjust.