How to Tan the Shoulders in a Tanning Bed

Having a nice skin tone can be attractive for many individuals; however, it is not always optimal weather outside to lay out, so hitting up the tanning beds could be the only other option. When in the tanning booth, there are a few different precautions you need to take in order to achieve a smooth, blemish-free tan, including the area over your shoulders.

Apply tanning lotion onto the entire upper body and shoulder area before tanning to obtain the skin tone you desire. Although it may take a few experimental tanning sessions, you might want to try out a tanning lotion with bronzer. This increases the color your skin receives, but you are also more likely to burn.

Remove any clothing. This includes your shirt, undershirt, tank top or bra. You are going to have a tan line if you do not remove this clothing.

Pull your hair back. When you lie down in the tanning bed, your hair (especially if it is long) is going to bunch up around your shoulders and possibly block the tanning bulbs from reaching areas of your skin. This can leave odd tanning marks. Instead, have your longer hair lay behind your head and outside of the tanning bed.

Watch the strap to your tanning goggles. Many tanning goggles have a strap that isn’t frequently used. If you allow this strap to sit by your shoulder in one place while tanning, it can leave a tan line.