What Happens to Tattoos as You Age?


Tattoos and Aging

A tattoo may look great when you first get it, but there's no telling what it will look like as you age. Because tattoos are forever, you may want to think about what your tattoo will become as you gain weight, age, and are exposed to the sun. Think about the placement of your tattoo and try to place it on a part of your body that will not droop, like your chest, feet or hands. Although tattoos are permanent, no tattoo will stay the same forever.

Tattoos and Sun Exposure

Exposure to the sun will fade tattoos significantly over time. Tattoos can be touched up after sun exposure, which can be expensive. Always wear sunscreen or cover your tattoo with a shirt or bathing suit. Prolonged sun exposure causes wrinkles, so exercise caution when going out in the sun whether you have tattoos or not. Unfortunately, wrinkles may be more apparent when they are on a tattoo than if they were on non-tattooed skin.

Tattoos and Weight Gain

Weight gain will affect the appearance of your tattoos, depending on where your tattoos are located. If your tattoo is on a place where there is very little skin and muscle, like on the top of your feet, your hands, or your chest, your tattoo probably will not droop much. Women are especially known to get droopy tattoos on their stomach after becoming pregnant. Even after losing weight, excess skin will cause tattoos to droop or stretch.