How to Write a Sample Missing Person Report

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Finding a missing person is difficult if you try to do it on your own. If you call the police or hire a private detective to help you with your search, you will need to complete a missing person report. The report should include all the basic information about the missing person, and any additional information that might help authorities find the person.

Provide information about yourself, such as your name, address, home and cell phone numbers, occupation, place of employment and work phone number. Indicate your relationship to the missing person, details on how long you've know him, and how and where you met. Write the date and time on the report.

Give a complete description of the missing person, including his full name, nicknames, age, home address, home and cell phone numbers and email address. If you know the missing person is active on any social networking sites, add that information to the report. Facts should include a detailed physical description of the person, such as height, weight, general build, hair color and length, eye color, whether she wears glasses and whether she has scars, tattoos or piercings. Also provide a detailed description of the clothing and shoes the missing person is possibly wearing.

Describe the physical and mental health of the missing person. Provide information on serious medical conditions the missing person may have, medications she takes, whether it looks like her medication was left behind and what may happen if she doesn't take her medication. If the subject is pregnant, indicate how far along she is. If the missing person is at risk for suicide, it is imperative that you share that fact. Add any information about alcohol and other drug abuse, if significant.

Supply detailed information about when the person was last seen, including date, time and location. Indicate who was saw the person last. If you know the missing person was on his way to a specific location, share this. Offer ideas as to where he usually spends his time, who his friends are and who he may have had problems with. Also, if relevant, indicate what the weather was like at the time he was last seen.

Finally, share whether the missing person's wallet or purse, cell phone, keys and some clothes, such as a jacket, are also missing.