How to Check Hospitals for Missing Persons

by Contributor

When a loved one goes missing you want to be able to find them quickly. After checking with family and friends of your loved one the next thing to do is to check all of the local hospitals to see if they have been in an accident or other illness. Here are simple directions that will help you along the way.

Locate all the telephone numbers to the hospitals in the surrounding area of where the missing person lives or was last seen. You can do this with a telephone book (Yellow Pages) or by looking on the Internet.

Start down the list of numbers and call every hospital on the list.

Ask if the hospital has anyone who did not have identification if the missing person is not listed as a patient. These people are called John or Jane Doe.

Ask to be directed to the hospital unit that the person is located if the hospital does have an unidentified person.

Ask for the head nurse once you are transferred. Give a detailed description of your missing person and ask her to check to see if the John or Jane Doe resembles this description.

Go to the hospital with a picture of your missing loved one to have someone compare the photo to the person in their care if the head nurse thinks there is a resemblance.

Continue down the list of hospitals and repeat the steps with each hospital.

Items you will need

  • Missing person's information
  • Picture
  • Detailed description
  • Telephone
  • Internet or telephone book


  • You can cover more ground by having others call some of the hospitals on the list too.