How to Change a Tattoo

If you have a tattoo you regret or want to change your tattoo in some way, it is possible. A talented tattoo artist can do wonders changing any kind of tattoo into whatever you would like it to be.

Find the best tattoo artist in your area. Tattoo artists have a powerful reputation among their loyal customers and good tattoo artists can successfully change and cover up old tattoos. Interview several tattoo artists and ask to see before and after photos of tattoos that they have changed. A talented tattoo artist can tattoo over an old tattoo with a completely different tattoo no matter what color it is. An artist can also change the appearance of your tattoo, brighten it up, or add backgrounds that change the way it looks.

Remove your tattoo with laser treatments. Laser treatments can nearly or completely remove old tattoos. Laser treatments cause the pigments in your skin to break up and be absorbed by your body. Laser treatments could be expensive but they could get rid of tattoo regret. You can remove parts of your tattoo or the whole thing.

Fade your tattoo with fading cream. There are many tattoo fading creams on the market. Ask for recommendations on which ones work the best. Your tattoo artists may be able to recommend one. Be aware that fade cream will probably not completely remove any tattoo but it will fade significantly and a new tattoo on top of it can totally make it disappear.

Have your tattoo branded over. Skin branding can change the appearance of your tattoo either slightly or dramatically. While branding can be painful and it may be hard to find an artist, it is an option for changing your tattoo.