How to Stop Hair Growth Over Tattoos

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Tattooing is an art form that has been around for thousands of years in numerous cultures on different continents. Mummies in both Europe and South America have been discovered with tattoos, illustrating the long popularity of tattoos. Tattoo enthusiasts want the most out of their artwork and often want to show off their tattoos. However, excessive hair can obscure tattoos, making them less visible and less clear to observers. This leads many tattooed individuals to seek to stop hair growth over their tattoos, which can be accomplished through electrolysis.


Get a consultation. The consultation will allow you to get an estimate on cost and duration of electrolysis. Talk directly to an electrologist about your concerns. Ensure the electrologist is certified. Ask to see credentials if you are the least bit unsure. Schedule your first appointment.

Endure the pain of electrolysis. Since you have withstood the pain of a tattoo, you will likely fare better than non-tattooed electrolysis patients. The process uses a tiny electrical current inserted into your hair follicle to permanently destroy the follicle. This does not harm your tattoo, as the hair follicle is much deeper into your skin than the ink of the tattoo. After your session ends, apply ice or take over-the-counter pain medicine as desired for pain. Avoid touching the affected area until pain subsides.

Attend subsequent appointments. Electrolysis is a long process that typically takes one to four years to complete, depending on the amount of hair being removed. However, this is the only way to safely stop hair growth over tattoos without harming the tattoo itself.