How to Get Rid of Visible Hair Follicles

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Visible hair follicles can make your smooth face, legs, underarms or bikini line look like you are past due for a shave. Shaving is a hair removal method that targets the surface hair that protrudes up from the follicle, but it does not remove the follicle itself. And dark-haired individuals may have more visible hair follicles than light-haired people, simply because the dark hair follicles can show beneath the skin. To keep your skin looking smooth, get rid of visible hair follicles through a variety of methods.

Tweeze small groups of hairs by the follicles. Manual tweezing is not recommended for large areas of hair, simply because of the time involved. If you have a few stray hairs where the hair follicles are still showing, you can try to latch the tweezer onto the hairs by washing the area first with cold water -- this brings the hairs out of the follicles -- and tweezing them out at the root.

Shave in cold water. Cold water alerts the hairs to stand up more from the follicles, which allows you to shave more off. Use a sharp razor to get a clean cut.

Wax the hairs where the hair follicles are visible. Waxing is a hair removal method that involves pouring hot wax over the hair follicles and ripping out the hair. This method can be performed on large or small groups of hair, and is effective for reducing the noticeability of the follicles. It is also an effective means for getting rid of shadowing, which is where the dark hair follicles make the skin look darker.

Use a hair sugaring treatment to reduce the visibility of your hair follicles. Sugaring is a sticky substance, like a paste, that you apply over the hairs and rip off. It is similar to waxing in terms of the process, but is not hot like wax.

Visit an aesthetician for a professional hair removal treatment. Electrolysis and laser hair removal procedures can be performed to permanently remove hair and reduce visible hair follicles. Such methods require a series of treatments until they effectively prevent the hair from growing back. Consequently, the hair follicles become less and less noticeable because they no longer hold any hair.

Conceal visible hair follicles with cosmetic concealer. If you have visible hair follicles on your eyebrows, for instance, foundation may make them less noticeable temporarily.