How to Improve the Appearance of Aging Legs

Summer means walks through the park or along the beach, or just hanging out with friends at a barbecue. Aging legs can put a damper on summer and the way you look at yourself. Products to mask or alleviate many problems caused by aging skin can do wonders and with a few tips, you'll be ready for swimsuit season at any age.

Smooth the skin of aging legs by moisturizing to replenish the natural oils our bodies begin to lose. Select lighter formulas during humid summer months and step up to richer creams during the winter. Apply all moisturizers while your skin is still damp to seal in the moisture available.

Exfoliate to allow moisture and color to work into the skin easily. Shaving should be done before applying moisturizers or tanning agents.

Get a tan without leaving the house. Modern chemical tanning products have advanced enough to make them work every time without turning aging legs orange. Select a tint that works with your natural colors and apply it by working it into the skin in firm, circular motions. Smooth away any extra cream to keep streaks from appearing.

Hide spider veins with long-lasting concealer and consider surgery if the spider veins keep you from enjoying time outdoors. Discuss taking baby aspirin with your doctor to thin the blood and lighten the effects of existing veins.

Protect your legs by doing simple exercises like contracting the calf muscle while standing. Don't cross your legs, as this cuts off the flow of blood and leads to spider veins over time.