How to Stop Using Proactiv Safely

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Proactiv acne treatment is a successful acne product that has developed a strong user base over the years. Its formula uses different washes, astringents and lotions to control acne through topical application. However, many consumers have found that this product can cause serious "withdrawal" symptoms upon discontinuing its use. This can be both physically and emotionally difficult for anyone when facing an inability to further afford this moderately priced acne treatment. Fortunately, there is a way to "ween" yourself off of these treatments to best prevent the negative symptoms often associated with the discontinuation of the Proactiv acne care system.

Purchase the AcneFree Sensitive Skin Care system, which you can buy at major pharmacies and big-box stores. This is one of the most gentle acne-fighting systems on the market. You can use it to prepare you for either switching to something else, or quitting acne treatment products like Proactiv all together. It is important to note that this system is less expensive than Proactiv, and requires no commitments.

Begin incorporating the AcneFree Sensitive Skin Care System in with your remaining Proactiv Product. Continue to use your Proactiv skin treatment at night, and use the AcneFree system in the morning. Since this AcneFree system is for sensitive skin and is less harsh, you will not be starting the day off with the irritated skin that might arise from using two different products. Perform this routine for the next one or two weeks, or until your remaining Proactiv product has run out.

Begin using only the AcneFree Sensitive system twice a day. Once in the morning, and once before bed. Continue this routine until you have run out of product. Because you have now adjusted your face's pH balance and reached an equilibrium closer to your body's original state prior to starting Proactiv, you are now less likely to experience the withdrawal flare-ups associated with suddenly quitting Proactiv alone. The AcneFree Sensitive System's gentle cleansing process acts a "cushion" when transitioning from the aggressive chemicals in Proactiv, to using absolutely nothing. However, if you like the results experienced from the AcneFree sensitive system, feel free to stick with it for a continuation of those results. Use caution if you use it for too long, or it could leave your skin in the same position as when halting the use of Proactiv. However, the transition from halting the use of this "sensitive" skin care system is going to be significantly less radical than that of Proactiv.