How to Wax Your Neck

Steve Mason/Valueline/Getty Images

Waxing your neck is something both men and women can benefit from. Even though waxing is more painful than shaving, the results can last four to six weeks. Men and women with short hairstyles won't have to constantly shave the back of their neck and risk getting cuts and nicks; they can wax their necks when it's time for another haircut. With the help of a friend or partner you can wax your neck right at home.

Wait until your neck hair is at least 1/4 inch long before waxing. If the hairs are too short, the wax may not stick to them and won't remove them.

Buy a commercial home waxing kit. Wax comes in different varieties, including prewaxed strips, cold wax and hot wax. Hot wax is often the most gentle because it warms the skin and hair and adheres better.

Warm and liquefy the wax according to the packaging instructions. This may include placing it in the microwave or on the stove. Premade waxing strips are often warmed by rubbing them between your hands.

Wash your neck with water and mild soap to remove anything that might interfere with the adherence of the wax. Pat your neck dry with a towel.

Apply a thin layer of wax to the back of your neck. Have your helper smooth the warm wax over the hairs at the back of your neck with a spatula. Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth. If you have a lot of hair in the back of your neck, cover small areas at a time to make the removal easier.

Place a strip of scrap paper or cotton cloth over the wax. Lightly press the paper or cloth into the wax. Wait 30 seconds so the wax can adhere to the hairs.

Hold the skin behind the neck taut with your nondominant hand and quickly pull off the paper or cloth against the direction of the hair growth with your other hand. Repeat the removal process until all hairs are removed.

Wet a cotton ball with a facial toner that contains chamomile and rub it over the back of your neck to help soothe it. Use an after-wax cream as an alternative.