How Often Should I Wax My Eyebrows?

Beauty salon

Robert Hoetink/iStock/Getty Images

Waxing is a quick and easy way to tidy up unruly eyebrows, giving them shape and definition. Many salons offer brow waxing, but you can also try it at home if you’re feeling confident. If not, look for an experienced professional who can help you find the best look for your face.

How Often to Wax

Eyebrows should be waxed roughly every three weeks. If brow hairs aren’t given some time to grow, the wax won’t grip them properly. The wait is worth it though --waxing your eyebrows keeps them neat and tidy for longer than other grooming methods, like tweezing.

A Little Tweezing

To maintain your look between waxing sessions, use tweezers to remove obvious stray hairs. However, don’t tweeze so much that you compromise the shape of your sculpted brows. It's best to wait the allotted time, and let a professional handle things to maintain your look.

When Not to Wax

When scheduling your next eyebrow waxing, make sure it doesn’t coincide with an important event. Even when done correctly, waxing may leave red marks. Though they fade quickly, there is still a chance you might end up attending the big to-do with blotchy patches on your forehead or eyelids.