How to Fix a Bad Eyebrow Wax Job

Waxing eyebrows is a popular method to remove excess hair and reshape the brow line, but a bad waxing job can have drastic and painful consequences. Fixing a bad eyebrow waxing job can be challenging and involves careful camouflage. It's best to leave eyebrow waxing to a professional waxer, but bad brow waxes can still occur in a salon. If you experience a poor professional eyebrow wax, immediately ask to speak to the manager of the salon; most salons will offer a refund, and you are within your rights to ask for one if it is not immediately offered.

Take two acetaminophen tablets immediately following a bad eyebrow wax to reduce swelling and redness. If blisters or bumps begin to form on the freshly-waxed skin, glide an ice cube over the affected areas and apply aloe vera lotion after patting the skin dry. Smooth on aloe vera in thin layers with the tip of your finger; a thick application could drip into your eyes. Avoid applying any cosmetics for 24 hours to decrease the chance of infection and further irritation.

Lightly pat concealer over waxed skin to even out any redness, then dust with translucent powder to hold it in place. Use short, quick strokes to draw in false eyebrows on the waxed skin where your brows naturally occurred before waxing. Match the pencil to your eyebrow color as closely as possible, and fill in the entire eyebrow with pencil strokes to keep the brows from looking fake. Comb through brows with a clean spoolie brush to blend the brows thoroughly.

Apply a lotion that is designed to regrow hair to the over-waxed eyebrow areas. Dip a cotton swab in a bottle of hair growth serum and sweep it over the affected skin. This may help speed the regrowth process; apply this product after washing and moisturizing your face at night.