Ways to Fix Messed Up Eyebrows

Ralf Nau/Digital Vision/Getty Images

One of the first features on your face people notice are your eyebrows; therefore, if they are messed up they must be fixed as soon as possible. There are many methods to shape your brows, trim your brows and arch your brows; however, if the method, such as tweezing, is not done properly than you can be left with a problem on your face. Learn to conceal properly and avoid making the same mistake twice in the future.


One of the most common eyebrow issues is over-plucking. When plucking it is important to remember to stay within your natural hair line and to not obsess over each stray hair. Once the damage is done, however, it can be concealed easily with an eyebrow powder. The powder should be one or two shades darker than your natural color and blended properly with an hard, angled brush. The brush will gently work the powder color throughout your brow so the spots blend together.


Whether it was on purpose or an accident, you can fix a shaved brow using an eyebrow pencil. Locate the outline of your brow by simply looking in the mirror. Your natural eyebrow hair will create a slightly raised area where your eyebrow once was located. Use a eyebrow pencil to color in the eyebrow area. The pencil should be as close to your natural eyebrow color as possible. Once you apply the pencil, pat the area gently with a translucent powder to set it to the skin.

Bushy Eyebrows

You can fix bushy eyebrows with a pair of tweezers and a mirror. Prior to plucking, brush your brow hairs upward to locate any stray hairs that may lie below the brow line. Stand one foot from the mirror and locate the visible hairs. Pull these hairs in the natural hair direction to avoid ingrown hairs, and less discomfort. Avoid searching for hairs that stand out because this may cause over-plucking and the hairline will need to be filled in with brow powder.

Jagged Eyebrows

Jagged eyebrows come from too much trimming with brow scissors, which leaves a jagged and rough appearance on the upper portion of the brow. Avoid jagged eyebrows by snipping longer hairs while standing at least one foot from a mirror. Standing too close allows you to think you are snipping the correct hairs but the snipping results in a choppy appearance. Fix the problem by combing the brow hairs in their natural direction and filling in the jagged areas with a brow pencil. The pencil should be one shade darker than your natural color and blended with a hard angled brush.