How to Get a Goatee Straight

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Well-groomed beards can make a man look older, wiser and more sophisticated. With something like a goatee, grooming can be difficult because the hairs' natural curl or preference for one side might be more noticeable without other facial hair to normalize its look. However, after you have given your goatee a wash with either soap or shampoo and conditioner, there are a number of things you can do to bring it into line. These things range from a simple comb method, to more complex straightener and wax treatments that can be used if the simple method isn't enough.

The Basic Treatment

Comb your goatee in a completely wrong direction after you have washed it.

Let your goatee dry naturally.

Comb your goatee back into its normal place and shape.

Run a slightly damp hand over your goatee to smooth it out.

Heavy Duty Help

Turn your straightener on.

Set your straightener to its lowest temperature setting. Since facial hair, especially when washed, is more wiry than the hair on your head, low heat is all you'll need.

Run a comb through your goatee in the direction that you want it to go and follow this run-through with a run-over with your straightener.

Take some mustache/beard wax between your thumb and forefinger, if the straightener did not work.

Work this wax into your goatee from its top (around your chin) to its bottom with your thumb and forefinger.

Run your thumb and forefinger down your goatee, from its top to its end until you have your desired shape.