Instructions for Remington Clippers

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Remington provides high-quality hair clippers for professionals as well as individuals looking to keep their hair neat between trips to the barber. Using hair clippers requires a steady hand and the ability to be still for an extended period of time. Between uses, make sure to clean your clippers thoroughly and store them properly. Maintaining your clippers well when they are not in use will ensure that they last for dozens of haircuts and trims.

Plug hair clippers into an electrical outlet. Snap on any length guards that you would like to use. Adjust the placement of the cutting bladed by moving the lever on the side of the clippers. Check out Hair Finder (see Resources) for tips on how to cut certain hairstyles yourself.

Turn clippers to the "On" position. Keep your hand and head steady while cutting your hair. Start at the top of your head and move down to the sides and the back, ending with the sideburns and nape of the neck. Use the longest clipper guards for the top, and use progressively shorter ones for the side of your head. Taking off hair little by little offers greater control over your final hair style (you can always cut more hair off but cannot put it back on). For sideburns, use the shortest length guards. Take off the guard to shape your sideburns and clean up your hairline in the back.

Knock any accumulating hair from in front of the cutting blade every few minutes while cutting. Turn the clippers to the "Off" position when done and remove the length guard. Unplug the clippers from the electrical outlet.

Blow into the clippers to liberate any trapped hair and brush out any hair from in between the cutting blades. Place a drop of oil, such as Wahl Clipper Oil, on the clipper blades with the bottle to keep them lubricated. Wrap up the cord up and store in the included case.