How to Turn a Wig Into a Hair Piece


You don't have to be a skilled beautician to give your wig a new life in just a few short steps. Get double duty out of your old wig by converting it to a hairpiece. If you have old wigs in your closet or are looking for a way to update your look, think about turning one into a ponytail or using it to create fullness in an up-do.

Make the Cut

Turn the wig inside out. If it's a particularly long wig, consider braiding it up or otherwise bundling the length while you're cutting. Otherwise, you may wind up inadvertently cutting off a chunk of hair and ruining the piece.

Look for a series of circular weft lines around the interior of the wig. The weft lines are what you use as cutting guides.

Determine the size of the piece you're trying to create. The size indicates where you'll cut. For a full, filled-out ponytail, cut on the outer weft lines. Cut toward the top of the wig cap for a lighter piece or add-in.

Cut along the webbing just above the weft line. Trim off any excess webbing, being careful not to cut into the weft. This is where the hair attaches to the piece. Cutting into it can break the stitching and unravel the hair from its base.

Create a Removable Pony Tail

Take the weft line you cut on and roll it toward the center to create a one eighth to one quarter inch casing. Use sewing pins to keep in place.

Thread the hair-sewing needle. While you may be able to comprise with a standard long sewing needle, hair-sewing needles are equipped with a special needle head to push through the hair and weft lines with ease.

Sew in the casing using a tightly spaced, overhand stitch. Smooth the hair over the casing every two or three stitches. Setting stitches over bulked or bunched gives the final piece an uneven, sloppy look.

Leave an opening near the back or bottom portion of the ponytail. This is where you'll place and secure the elastic cord.

Measure around the sewn casing and cut the elastic cord to this measurement. Attach the safety pin to one end of the elastic cord and guide it through the casing. Then, secure each end of the elastic cord with a knot large enough to prevent it from sliding back through the casing.

Pull your hair into tight bun or ponytail. Slide your new ponytail over your real hair. Position the elastic cord at the back or bottom of the pony and pull it taut. A tight pull gives a bouncier ponytail. Give it the look of a natural fall by securing it with a light pull. Tie the elastic cord together and tuck it under the casing.

Add It to an Upsweep

Create a part in your hair toward the top or back of your head in the shape of the hair piece you cut out.

Take the hair inside the circle part you just created and braid it up or otherwise secure it. Be sure you leave sufficient hair outside of the circle part to cover the attachment area.

Run a line of hair glue in the circle part. Carefully (you might want to enlist a friend for this) press the outer weft line of your piece onto the hair glue. To set the glue, you'll have to apply approximately 60 seconds worth of pressure.

Work your way around in small areas to avoid tangling hair or getting glue in the wrong places. Use baby oil to clean up misplaced glue.

Style your hairpiece by pulling up the hair on all sides to camouflage the edges of the piece. Roll and pin it into a French roll, chignon or messy bun.