Clairol Lock Curl Instructions

Cropped woman in curlers

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Clairol Lock n Roll Hair Curlers offer a quick way to style your hair in various ways from wavy to curly. These electric curlers, which come in a set of 24, are made of a soft rubbery substance that bends on itself to secure your hair (rather than using pins or clips to secure each curler). Lock n Roll curlers come in three different sizes for three types of curls.


Plug in your set of Lock n Roll curlers and allow them to heat for about 20 minutes. While you are waiting, apply an egg-sized dollop of mousse to your hair and work it through. You can do this to damp or dry hair, but you hair shouldn't be sopping wet because it won't hold a curl until it dries. After working the mousse through your hair, comb your hair to make sure there are no tangles. Another tip to remember is that hair generally curls better if it isn't squeaky clean, as it would be right after washing it. Try to wash your hair the night before and curl your hair the next day.


Use a comb to section a strip of hair about 1 inch wide. Remove the type of curler you want to use. The purple ones create the largest, loosest curls; the green ones medium-sized curls; and the red ones create smaller, tighter curls. Wrap the ends of the sectioned strip of hair over the shaft of the curler, using your thumbs to keep the ends from slipping. Roll your hair around this center shaft until you reach your scalp. Remember that rolling upward will create a curl that flips upward, and rolling downward will create a curl that generally curls under. Secure the curler by bending the wider end over the smaller end so that it locks in place. Continue this process for the rest of your hair.


Spritz a light holding product over your hair once you've finished rolling it, and allow the curlers to stay in place for 15 to 45 minutes. The longer you leave the curlers in, the tighter the curl will be, and the longer the curl will remain in your hair. Bend the wide end of each curler back off of the smaller end to unlock each roller, and unroll your hair from the center shaft. Use your fingers to style your hair as desired, and use gel or hairspray for extra hold if you like. Gel will create a shiny, slightly wet look to your curls, whereas hairspray will provide a drier hold.