How to Slow Down Hair Growth

Millions of men want to know how to prevent hair loss on their head, but that doesn't mean they want to to live with excessive facial or body hair. Continually dealing with unwanted hair can take a significant amount of time, energy and money. If your unwanted hair grows too quickly for your liking, there are various things you can do to discourage hair growth. If you are committed to your treatment regimen, you'll gradually notice your hair growing more slowly. The hair may also appear finer and thinner as a result of your treatment plan.

Ways to Combat Excessive Hair Growth

Use hair-growth inhibitor lotion. These lotions generally contain soy extracts that slow hair growth. If you use it regularly, you'll notice the hair in the area growing in more finely and less frequently. You can find hair-growth inhibitor lotions in most drug and cosmetic stores.

Eat soy products. Soy contains phytoestrogens, nature's equivalent of estrogen. Since testosterone leads to increased hair growth, you can reduce hair growth by consuming this estrogen-like food product. You can find soy in a variety of different foods, such as tofu, soy nut butter, soy milk and edamame.

Try Kalo. This herbal supplement can naturally reduce hair growth. You can find it in most herbal and health stores in liquid, powder and pill forms.

Consume a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients and vitamins. Poor nutrition can lead to excess hair growth. If you consistently get solid nutrition from a well-balanced diet, it may slow hair-growth cycles.

Talk to your doctor about prescription hair-growth treatments. There are various topical treatments, such as Vaniqua, that can slow hair growth. There are also oral prescription medications which interfere with hair-follicle receptors to stunt growth cycles. You do need to continue using the medications to maintain the slower hair-growth rates.