How to Stop Inner Labia Hair

Inner labia hair is a normal occurrence in the pubic area but that doesn't make the hairs any more welcome. To stop the hairs from regrowing, you essentially have to destroy the hair follicle and the two hair removal procedures recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as capable of this are electrolysis and lasers. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal technique that requires a thin fiber to be inserted into each follicle. Laser hair removal is known as a "permanent reduction" and works over areas rather than individual follicles.

Determine whether you prefer laser hair removal or electrolysis. Note that the major deciding factor is whether you are comfortable with the term "permanent reduction" as it applies to laser hair removal. The statement means that your inner labia hair is guaranteed to be thinner and less coarse if it grows back. However, it may or may not grow back.

Assess the amount of hair growth on your inner labia. Is it just a few thin hairs or numerous thick hairs? This helps you pick a hair removal solution. The more coarse hairs you have, the more laser treatments you require to "permanently reduce" the hair. However, the more hair you have on your inner labia, the longer electrolysis treatments take.

Research the electrolysis and laser hair removal services in your area. Look in the phone book under "Spa," "Cosmetic Surgery" and "Hair Removal." Review adds in fashion and beauty magazines you read. Get a recommendation from your dermatologist. Many times, both services are offered by the same practitioner.

Schedule a consultation with three to five hair removal practitioners. Allow your hair to grow enough for the provider to view the problem area and be prepared to have the area examined by the practitioner. Talk to the specialist about the technique you prefer and the best approach for your skin tone and hair qualities.

Compare providers based on service, your comfort with the clinic and staff, recommendations and pricing. Make a decision, then schedule an appointment to stop your inner labia hair growth once and for all.