How to Last Longer in Bed With Cream

Numerous websites and manufacturers claim to help males delay ejaculation. Many of these creams work to dull the penis and slow ejaculation by reducing sensation in the penis. Many of these creams are not FDA-approved. However, doctors at the Mayo Clinic highly recommend the cream treatments and techniques that follow.

Use a topical anesthetic cream that contains lidocaine or prilocaine. According to the Health-Disease Organization and the Vastim website, these medications slow ejaculation by reducing sensitivity along the head and shaft of the penis. Sexual thrusting is still enjoyable, but the pleasure will not overwhelm the male and induce ejaculation.

Wash the cream from the penis 20 to 30 minutes before intercourse. The sensitivity will persist and allow for longer sex. The male must remove the cream per manufacturer's directions, or the user's sexual partner may also experience less sensitivity. Wash with a mild soap, or remove with a soft cotton cloth, wiping downward toward the head of the penis. It is not necessary to use the cream on the testicles.

Lightly coat the penis with an anesthetic cream of choice, and then fit the penis with a condom. Though this method can lead to sensitivity or allergic reaction in some, it may combat more severe cases of premature ejaculation. Whereas most users would remove the cream and then engage in intercourse, some users might use a condom to act as a barrier to the vagina while still enjoying the effects of the cream.

Use a cream or lotion to perform the "Squeeze Technique" before intercourse. Using a cream or lotion, squeeze the penis shaft and stimulate the ejaculatory reflex. According to the Mayo Clinic, over time, this technique will delay ejaculation and result in longer sexual activity. Have your partner perform the technique before intercourse, or do it yourself.