What Is Clear Matrix Color Sync?

nice hair image by DXfoto.com from Fotolia.com

Matrix produces a line of Color Sync hair care products designed to seamlessly blend the color of your hair. While the idea of a clear hair color treatment may seem silly, the product has many benefits.


Matrix.com says Color Sync products condition and protect hair fiber. The Color Sync accomplishes this by filling porous areas on each hair and depositing the solution into hair cuticles.


Rather than changing the hair color, Clear Color Sync enhances natural color that is already present. The present color is improved by adding a shiny appearance to each hair and blending color differences to appear more seamless.


Clear Matrix Color Sync is a semi-permanent hair product. It lasts longer than temporary products but will begin to fade after four to six weeks. When the color fades, it does not leave demarcation or obvious shading lines.