How to Partially Dye Hair

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Dyeing your hair is one way to change your look and explore your fashion personality. However, a full color change may not be exactly what you have in mind. You can apply dye to certain parts of your hair if you want to freshen up your look without dramatically changing your appearance. Highlights or lowlights involve only partially dyeing your hair, either to accent your features or to simply try something new. Creating this look requires a touch of patience.

Wash and dry your hair. Do not apply conditioner, as this may interfere with chemical components in the dye.

Plan your highlights in advance. Examine your hair and determine exactly where you will place the dye. This saves you time during the dyeing process and ensures a uniform look.

Mix the hair dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Every dye product is slightly different, so you will need to read these instructions carefully to ensure success.

Dip your dye brush into the hair dye and apply it in light, thin streaks to your hair. Start at the top of the scalp and work your way down or out. Thinner lines create more natural-looking highlights.

Work your way around your head, applying thin dye lines to each of the areas you wanted to highlight.

Leave the dye in your hair as long as the manufacturer’s instructions recommend, then rinse it out. The manufacture may also recommend washing your hair again to remove the last of the dye.