How to Do Platinum Highlights at Home With a Cap

Whether you're a home-highlighting pro or an apprehensive novice, a highlighting cap helps you achieve the look you're after with minimal mess. Platinum blonde highlights can bring out a woman's eyes or sparkling complexion, or make her feel like a sophisticated bombshell. Choose a platinum blond highlighting kit that includes a cap and hook, and prepare your hair properly to protect your scalp. You can achieve the look you're after without the fees and hassle of the salon.

Step 1

Wash and condition your hair the night before you plan to add the highlights, not the same day. This allows your hair's natural oils to build up on your scalp, which protects it from damage.

Step 2

Brush out any tangles with a wide-tooth comb. Push back your bangs, and slip on the highlighting cap. Adjust the cap until it's sitting straight and tie it loosely around your chin.

Step 3

Drape an old towel over your shoulders or put on an old T-shirt.

Step 4

Insert the hook through one of the premade holes in the cap, starting along your hairline. Grasp the hair with the hook and gently twist as you pull your hair through the hole.

Step 5

Continue to pull out hair through the premade holes. To create face-framing highlights, only pull hair from every other hole in the cap's front. If you're after a dramatic look, pull the hair from every other hole in the entire cap. For a more subtle affect, only pull the hair through every third hole.

Step 6

Prepare the platinum blonde dye according to the package directions. This often involves stirring two ingredients together in a small bowl, which is generally provided with the kit. Dip the brush provided in the kit into the dye and cover the hair at the front first. Continue to work your way to the back of your head, covering each chunk of hair from the root to the tip.

Step 7

Allow the product to process according to the package directions. Otherwise, check your hair's color every five to 10 minutes, and rinse out the product once you achieve the desired platinum hue. Follow the directions concerning rinsing; some products advise you to remove the cap, while some instruct you to leave the cap on.

Step 8

Rinse out the product until the water runs clear. If a shampoo or conditioner is provided, work it into your hair from root to tip. Rinse it out and remove the cap, if directed by the manufacturer. Towel dry and style your hair as usual.