How to Make Chunky Highlights From a Cap

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Cap highlighting is ideal for at-home highlights, since it helps the user to achieve even and balanced highlights all over the head or around the face, depending on desired look. A cap can be used to give your hair subtle or chunky lights. To give your hair chunky highlights, carefully use the right methods to make the highlights bold and noticeable.

Use a chunking cap, rather than a traditional highlighting cap. On a chunking cap, holes are bigger, allowing for larger sections of hair to be pulled through.

Comb your entire head of hair before putting on the cap, as this will prevent tangles when the hair is pulled through the holes. Avoid washing hair before highlighting, as the oils from unwashed hair help to protect skin from the chemicals in the product.

Use a dye not more than two shades lighter or darker than your original or current hair tone, according to the recommendation of Jason Black, co-owner and head colorist of the Ted Gibson Salon, as the chunky lights will provide too stark a contrast.

Pull chunks through with a crochet hook, which will likely be provided in the home kit that you use. Avoid using a comb or pick, which do not gather hair as neatly and can cause tangles. Gather a section of hair around the hook and pull the hair through by tilting the hook. Fully pull through all hairs that may get stuck or looped under the cap.

Pull through the cap holes sections at least the width of a pencil, depending on how bold or “chunky” you want the highlights to be. Avoid pulling chunks wider than a 1/2 inch in diameter.

Pull uniform sections of hair through holes for uniformly chunky highlights. Vary the width of sections for a more assorted, unbalanced look.

Frame the face by pulling hair only through holes around the forehead and face. Achieve all-over highlights by pulling hair through holes over the crown and nape, as well.

Comb the sections of hair once you have pulled all the sections through the cap.

Mix the color according to the instructions on the product box. Pour in a plastic bowl and apply the color to the hair by painting the sections with a brush. Note: painting will help to achieve a more even application than bottles and gloves.

Rinse and wash hair after time indicated in the instructions. Avoid leaving product in hair beyond indicated time, as this may cause damage to hair and result in undesired color.

Blow-dry the hair to bring out highlights.