Matrix Hair Color & Highlights Tips

Hair color and highlights should always look natural. In order to achieve the optimal results you should choose a product that’s versatile without harsh chemicals that might damage your hair. Matrix offers a wide range of products that takes the guesswork out of combining rich shades with defining highlights to compliment a range of cuts and styles without damaging your hair Here are some tips when applying these exceptional products.


When it comes to highlights it always best to consult a hair color professional who can help your achieve the best look for your particular hair type or style. Since highlights can add depth and dimension, a hair color specialist will know exactly how to achieve the maximum effect. Matrix’s SoColor, a permanent hair color, covers gray and lifts hair color without using bleach, which is less damaging to hair. If you want to tone down brassy highlights, blend away gray or add lowlights, Color Sync can help. Color Sync is an ammonia-free hair system with a patented ceramide conditioner to keep hair healthy and shiny. Another semi-permanent option is Prizms.PLUS Semi-permanent Hypershine Color Gloss, to add subtle or intense tones to your natural hair color, or tone down highlights that have lost their original color. For a more dramatic look, V-Light and Colorgraphics 2 offer options for lightening hair color or to change the tone of permanent hair color. According to your needs, these products offer the highest quality of hair color without the damaging effects often associated with coloring your hair.


Before using any of these products, make sure your hair is clean and in good condition, two days prior to coloring. This will ensure that the hair color develops properly, along with allotting enough time for natural oils in the scalp a chance to resurface. Have all supplies handy and well within reach. According to the Matrix hair color product you choose, be sure to thoroughly read the instructions beforehand so that you can avoid can color mishaps.

When applying the products, section off hair and secure with clips so that hair color will be applied evenly. Don’t forget to wear gloves to avoid staining your hands. Apply any pre-color creams around the hair line and ears, so these areas don’t get stained as well and the skin around these sensitive areas is protected. Leave the product on for the appropriate time and follow-thru on shampoo and conditioning procedures.