Goldwell Ingredients

Goldwell is an internationally based hair-care company that was established in 1948. The founder began with the idea of a lotion that could enable long-lasting hairstyles. According to the company's website, the hair-care company KMS merged with Goldwell in 2005, and both companies merged under one company name: KPSS Inc. In 2006, KMS relaunched as KMS California. Goldwell manufactures many different specialty hair care items for sale in salons and exclusive retailers.

Revolutionary Products

Goldwell manufactures many different products that contain specific ingredients to maximize the product's effectiveness. In 2006, Goldwell introduced a product called Oxycur Platin Ultra, which is the first blonding powder to lighten hair without ammonium persulfates. In addition, Goldwell is a leader in hair color processing and has established a formal five step color cycle for stylists to utilize to improve customer satisfaction. The process involves a color consultation, pre-color preparation, color service, post-color service and color maintenance routine.

Anti-frizz Serum

The anti-frizz serum consists of ethanol, bis(2-ethylhexyl) carbonate phenylsilsesquioxan and trimethylsilyloxy as the main ingredients. It is sold under the product name Kerasilk and is available for purchase at select beauty stores and Goldwell salons. The anti-frizz serum works to provide a smooth and sleek finish. It also helps protect hair from heated styling appliances, such as hair straighteners and blow dryers. To use, apply the product to towel dried hair; do not rinse out. Style hair as usual.

Ultra Rich Care Treatment

Ultra Rich Care is also part of the Kerasilk line. The product contains cetrimonium chloride as its main ingredient for combating dry and coarse hair. Kerasilk Ultra Rich Care uses Jojoba Oil for extra moisturizing and is ideal for extremely dry, chemically relaxed or over-processed hair. The Kerasilk line includes shampoo and conditioner products to provide a complete hair care system. Goldwell produces high quality products and the price reflects this, with most Goldwell products retailing for $15-30 a bottle as of 2011.


Goldwell products contain silk proteins, natural care lipids and Jojoba-Oil to provide protection from free radicals and environmental factors. The website contains material safety data sheets for each product to view the ingredients and other physical factors of the product. Visit for a complete listing of the material safety data sheets and for additional information concerning product safety.