Oprah's Favorite Hair Products

hair image by Dubravko Grakalic from Fotolia.com

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey only uses hair care products by Andre Walker, who has been her stylist for years. Some of these products contain keratin, designed to make hair healthy and strong. Research reported at Keratin.com indicates that adding keratin to shampoo does not add strength to your hair. Yet, Oprah swears by these products, even giving them away as part of her 2010 "Favorite Things" episode. These hair care products are for any hair type and offer help with color and conditioning.

What is Keratin?

According to Keratin.com, keratin proteins make up between 65 and 95 percent of your hair. It is also found in your skin and nails. It is made of several amino acids of which cysteine, an amino acid high in sulfur, is the most prevalent. Because of cysteine, hair is high in sulfur, which links strands of keratin proteins together through disulfide chemical bonds. These chemical bonds are difficult to break apart, making hair fibers strong. Keratin is a key ingredient in Andre Walker’s shampoo and conditioner.

Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

Andre Walker’s shampoo contains extracts from green tea and Aloe Vera, along with the keratin protein. The shampoo does not lather as much as most shampoos, but is designed to clean more deeply. The shampoo strips your hair of dirt and oil, preparing it for use with the conditioner. The conditioner then moisturizes the hair, using many of the same ingredients as the shampoo. Both of these products come in 10.14 oz. bottles and may be purchased individually or as a set.


Q-Oil is a product for re-hydrating the hair. You apply a small amount to any dry area every day to smooth out the hair and restore shine. It is made from virgin Argan Oil imported from Morocco. This oil is lightweight, so your hair can quickly absorb it without leaving behind any residue. Q-Oil comes in a 3.38 oz. pump bottle that measures out the proper amount of product for each use.

Hair Makeup

Hair Makeup is a temporary hair color, designed to touch up your roots between permanent hair colorings. Once applied, it dries quickly so that you can then style your hair as you normally would. You can also use Hair Makeup to add in temporary highlights to your hair. Hair Makeup then rinses out with your next shampooing. It comes in .28 oz. tubes and is available in five shades: black, dark brown, light brown, blonde and red to blend with any hair color.