MTG for Fast Hair Growth

by Audrey Sivasothy ; Updated September 28, 2017

Originally formulated for human use, MTG (Mane-Tail-Groom), is now an equine product manufactured by Shapely’s for quick hair growth and for the treatment of animal coat ailments. However, the product has come full cycle, and once again there is an MTG product for use by people.


Shapely’s was started in 1938 by barber Henry E. Shapley, who attempted to formulate a dandruff and psoriasis oil for his clients. When he realized that his oil was more effective on his horses, Shapely’s first product, MTG, was born.


MTG is formulated to grow hair by treating bacterial and fungal coat ailments such as rain rot, scratches, girth itch, sweet itch and dry skin. The product is designed for one application use on horses, cats, dogs and other animals.

How It Works

MTG nourishes animal coats and eliminates bacteria and fungi that prevent hair or fur follicles from functioning properly. When applied to the mane or tail, MTG acts as a protective barrier against breakage. The manufacturer claims hair growth rates of three inches per month.

Sizes and Costs

MTG is available in 6-ounce bottles for $7.95 and 32-ounce bottles for $20.95. It can be purchased at most pet stores.


MTG has received much buzz in the hair care world for its touted abilities to not only grow hair in horses, but in humans as well. Shapely’s has created a human version of MTG called Sulu Max Gro to meet this demand.

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