How to Remove Dried Gum From Jean Pockets

stale gum image by easaab from

Forgetting about an unused piece of gum in your jean pockets will prove messy after washing and drying. The heat from the wash water and dryer will cause the gum to melt, making it sticky and hard to remove. Although removing the gum may look difficult, you can do it with the right materials.

Pull out the pocket with the gum stuck to it. Do not try to open the pocket yet.

Heat 3 tbsp. of vinegar in the microwave in a microwave safe container for about 30 seconds.

Pour 1 tbsp. of warm vinegar onto the pocket. Slowly rub the pocket with your fingers to loosen the gum.

Pull the gum off the jeans. The vinegar will start to dissolve the gum, making it easier to remove.

Remove any excess gum with a toothbrush and 1 tbsp. of warm vinegar. Pour the warm vinegar onto the gum and rub with the toothbrush in circular motions.

Wash the jeans in the washer after gum removal to get rid of the vinegar smell.