How to Remove Loctite From Clothes

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Loctite, a subsidiary of Henckel, produces a line of latex-based epoxies and adhesives for household and industrial use. Loctite designed latex-based Extend Rust Treatment to halt rust spread on metal, and it also manufactures a popular Super Glue product. When Loctite adhesives spill on clothing, treat the stain immediately for best results.

Extend Rust Treatment Removal

Rinse the garment under cool tap water as soon as it comes in contact with the product. Hot water will set the stain and accelerate the hardening of the latex coating. Rinse until the water runs clean and the product has been removed.

Allow the garment to dry. If the stain was not discovered early or if residue remains after rinsing, allow the product to harden before attempting additional removal.

Dip the edge of a clean cloth into a solvent such as paint thinner or nail polish remover. Blot the stained area to lift latex residue.

Scrape remaining residue from the garment with a scraper or plastic knife.

Super Glue and Adhesive Removal

Saturate a clean cloth or cotton swab with nail polish remover. Use an acetone-based formula. Blot the stained area.

Loosen glue with a stiff toothbrush. Rub aggressively until the glue begins to lift and flake. Repeat the process by adding additional nail polish remover.

Sand the stain with fine sandpaper if solvent is ineffective.

Pretreat the stain with laundry detergent.

Launder the garment. Follow cleaning instructions outlined on the care label.