How to Clean Sequined Gowns

Siri Stafford/Lifesize/Getty Images

Whether you're dressing for a fancy New Year's Eve celebration or a neighborhood Halloween party, a sequined gown provides the right balance of elegance and flair. Depending on the design, hundreds or thousands of sequins are attached to a lining with adhesive, or a needle and thread. However the sequins are affixed, either spot clean or launder the entire dress at home without removing the sequins.

Step 1

Clean individual stains by first soaking up the excess liquid. Blot the stain with a cotton washcloth. To prevent pulling out the sequins, don't rub the stain. If the stain is older and has already set, move on to the next step.

Step 2

Create a mixture of 3 cups lukewarm water and 1 teaspoon mild detergent labeled for use on delicate clothing. Stir the water and dampen the corner of a washcloth with the soapy mixture. Dab at the stain, don't rub, until it's eliminated. Dampen a separate washcloth with plain water and dab at the previously-stained area to rinse out the soapy mixture. Lay the dress flat to dry.

Step 3

Clean the entire dress if it's stained or needs refreshing by filling a plastic basin or clean kitchen sink with 2 to 3 gallons lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon mild detergent labeled for use on delicate clothing. Stir the water to incorporate the soap. Submerge the sequined dress in the soapy water and allow it to soak for five minutes.

Step 4

Swirl the dress gently while submerged to work the soapy water through the fabric, which removes any lingering odors. Check the dress for stains and clean them with a washcloth dampened with the soapy water. Dab at the stains, don't rub. Once all the stains are eliminated, remove the dress from the water and hold it over the basin or sink for one or two minutes. This allows the excess water to drain. Never wring out the excess water to avoid damaging the sequins.

Step 5

Place a towel flat onto the floor or kitchen table. Lay the dress flat on the towel. Gently roll the towel and hold it over a sink. Squeeze the towel gently to remove the excess water from the sequined dress.

Step 6

Lay the dress flat on a separate towel and allow it to air dry completely.