How to Wash a Velvet Dress

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Washing a velvet dress can be tricky, because velvet is notoriously difficult. It is very easy to damage velvet during the washing process because there is a high risk of actually crushing the weaving effect and changing the velvet texture to something much less appealing. There's nothing worse than velvet that has been ruined from a sloppy cleaning technique. With some special care you can save a hefty dry cleaning bill and learn to wash your velvet dress at home.

Fill a rubber tub with a gallon of warm water and a capful of laundry detergent made for delicate fabrics, such as Woolite.

Submerge the dress in the warm, soapy water and gently agitate the dress using your hands.

Rinse thoroughly with cool, clean water until all of the soapy water is gone. Lay the dress out on a flat surface on top of a large cotton or terry bath towel, which will absorb additional water. Gently brush the nap of the velvet in the proper direction with a soft cloth or a washcloth.

Hang the damp velvet dress on a wooden hanger and let it dry in a cool dry place.