How to Clean Joseph Ribkoff Dresses

Joseph Ribkoff is a designer who makes beautiful dresses of all varieties. Cleaning such a dress isn't as simple as throwing it into the washer on the gentle cycle; in fact, all Joseph Ribkoff dresses require hand washing only, with the occasional option to dry clean. Trying to hand wash a designer dress without knowing exactly how to do it can easily ruin the dress. Everything from the temperature of the water and the kind of liquid detergent you use to how you dry the dress is crucial.

Fill a sink with cold water, adding about 2 tbsp. mild liquid detergent as the sink fills.

Submerge the dress in the sink. If the dress is too large to fit in the sink, use a bathtub. Swish the dress around in the cold soapy water, making sure not to rub or scrub the fabric in any way.

Empty the sink and refill it with clean water, making sure all soap residue is gone. Swish the dress around again to rinse off the detergent. Empty the sink again.

Press as much moisture from the dress as you can by pressing the dress between your hands. Do not scrunch or squeeze the fabric to get the moisture out; this could damage to the dress.

Hang the dress to dry over an area where any dripping water will not be a problem, such as over your shower or bath tub.