How to Iron Suede

While suede should not be ironed, it can be done it you take extreme care.

How To Iron Suede

The first step in ironing suede is to prepare the surface on which you will be ironing. You will want to set up your ironing board and cover the area which you will be ironing on with a slightly damp towel. You do not want a wet towel or a towel that you can still ring water out of. It should be barely wet to the touch.

Prepare the garment for ironing. You want to turn the garment inside out. Put the item nap side down. Cover the garment with a cotton sheet.

Set the iron to a medium setting. You do not want the iron to be too hot.

Ironing suede will be unlike any other item you will iron. You will simply place the hot iron on top of the area that needs to be pressed and lift. You might need to do this a few times. If you glide the iron back and forth on the suede item you will ruin it. Please be patient, this is not a quick ironing job it will take some time.

Once you are done remove the suede item from the ironing board and shake it out. The nap might be a little smooth in which case you will want to take a wire suede brush to the nap to rough it up a bit.