How to Remove Girl Scout Badges

navy uniform image by Joann Cooper from

Girl Scouts is an organization that is dedicated to young girls to help build their self-esteem, character and skills and to help them to be able to make a true difference in the world. A Girl Scout badge is a badge of honor that represents great achievements and the quests that a girl has accomplished as a Girl Scout. If you need to remove a Girl Scout badge from a uniform jacket or shirt, the process of removing the badge is pretty simple.

Find the stitching that keeps the badge on the shirt or fabric. Gently place the seam ripper underneath the stitches and avoid any contact with the actual fabric. Pull the seam ripper up to cut each stitch around the badge. Remove any access threads in the shirt and the badge after removing the stitches. If the badge is still attached to the shirt due to adhesive, continue to the next steps.

Spray the back part of the shirt directly behind the badge that you would like to remove with an adhesive removal substance. Cover the area thoroughly with adhesive removal substance and rub it into the shirt. Let it sit for approximately three minutes.

Peel the badge off of the shirt gently. Blot the area where the glue substance is on the shirt. To do this, place a cloth or a paper towel over the spot where you took off the badge. Squeeze more of the adhesive removal substance onto the back of the shirt and let it soak.

Rub the back of the shirt where you squeezed the adhesive removal substance while you hold the paper towel on the other side where the glue substance is located. Allow the shirt to dry and you’re done.