How to Get Kinks Out of Gold Chains

gold chain

gold chain image by OMKAR A.V from

There is nothing worse than putting on your favorite gold chain, only to discover there is an unsightly kink. No matter how hard you try to fix the problem yourself, you are usually better off leaving it alone so that you don't break the chain. Yet, there is a way to fix the kinks that can be found in gold chains.

Place your necklace on a flat surface. Use a magnifying glass to see a close up view of the knotted area of the necklace. Check for areas in the knots that can be loosened.

Insert a safety pin into the gold chain where the knot is present. Move the pin around, within the knot, until it feels as if it is beginning to loosen. Secure the areas of the knot with the pin and lift the knots up to move them around.

Apply a lubricant to the knots if the pin alone does not keep them loose. Rub oil or lubricant onto the knots to continue to loosen them. After the knot has been completely removed, wash the necklace in warm, sudsy water and pat dry with a dry cloth.