How to Make a Wedding Rehearsal Bouquet

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Give the ribbons from your bridal shower gifts a second life by incorporating them into a spectacular rehearsal bouquet. During the bridal shower, put one of the bridesmaids in charge of collecting the ribbons from all the bride's packages. They are then used to make a bridal bouquet for the bride to carry down the aisle at her rehearsal. This tradition is a quirky, silly one that many guests will enjoy. Additionally, it's fun to bring the finished product to the rehearsal, as the groom and groomsmen will have no idea why the bride is carrying a plate of ribbons.

Obtain a thick paper plate and use the scissors to poke a hole in the middle. This hole should be big enough for you to push your finger through, as this action will assist you in creating the rehearsal bouquet.

Gather all the ribbons and bows from the bride's presents. Separate the long ribbons from the short ones, and string the long ones through the center hole and around the outside of the plate. Tie the ribbons at the bottom of the plate just under the hole. The knot of ribbons that forms will serve as the handle for the bride to carry the bouquet. Cover the entire outside of the paper plate, as it should not be seen.

Arrange the bows on top of the paper plate, adhering them with tape if necessary. You may tape short ribbons underneath the bows to act as streamers that hang down the front of the arrangement, giving it the appearance of a formal cascading bouquet. Alternatively, if the top of the plate needs some bolstering, tie them into little bows and tape their bases onto the top of the plate.

Ensure that the girl who created the bouquet leaves the shower with it. She will then bring the bouquet to the wedding rehearsal so that the bride can carry it down the aisle.