How to Get Creases Out of a Canvas Hat

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Although soft, canvas hats are easy to wear with their lightweight material, they crease easily if stored wet or stuffed in a tight space. Canvas hats come in a few different shapes -- some of which you can launder at home. For other shapes, you can smooth out wrinkles with a handheld steamer. Avoid future creasing by storing hats properly, upside down on their crown. It may help to stuff out the shape of the hat with a hand towel to help keep its original shape.

Step 1

Examine the manufacturer's care label located inside the hat. If indicated, wash the hat with a gentle laundry detergent, then tumble dry. Remove the hat while it is slightly damp. Flip the hat on its crown and allow it to finish drying.

Step 2

Fill a handheld steamer with water. Allow the steamer to heat up. On many machines, this is indicated by a flashing or solid light.

Step 3

Place the hat over your fist. Use the other hand to hold the wand. The steam will be hot, so avoid pointing it toward the skin.

Step 4

Pass the wand over the creased area, pressing the steam button to remove the crease. Keep the wand 8 to 10 inches away from the hat to avoid over saturating the fabric.