How to Attach a Mantilla Veil

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Mantilla veils are Spanish in origin, traditionally worn over a tall, semicircular comb called a peineta. However, contemporary bridal fashion has transformed the mantilla into a gently cascading veil that is worn with or without a peineta. Many modern brides are now adopting the graceful look as their own, as its versatile, circular shape falls around the face and the smooth netting is often decorated with lace, crystals, and pearls, adding elegance and traditional charm to any bridal gown. Regardless of whether or not you chose a mantilla with a peineta, the veil comes attached to a comb.

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Style your hair in the fashion you intend to use on your wedding day. If you are wearing your veil with a peineta comb, then your hair should be styled up at the back to ensure that the comb has something to hold on to. If, however, you are wearing your mantilla without the traditional comb, your hair may be styled up or down.

Slide the mantilla's comb into your hair. If you are using a peineta, position the teeth of the comb just between your head and updo, allowing the decorative top of the peineta to settle above your head. If the veil and peineta are not attached, slide the comb underneath the peineta. If you choose to affix your mantilla veil with invisible combs alone, you can position it two different ways. You may position the mantilla about 4 inches back from your hairline, ensuring that the curved shape of the comb lies flush against your head. If you want to take on a more traditional Spanish look, however, then slide the veil's comb into your hair 1 or 2 inches back from your hairline.

Drape the veil over your hair and peineta, allowing it to fall gracefully down your back. The combs should feel secure but not uncomfortable. This veil style complements most styles of bridal gowns, and adds additional interest to simple gown styles. Whether or not you have selected the traditional peineta, a mantilla veil will ensure that all eyes are on you.