How to Make a Flower Arrangement in a Martini Glass Vase

by Kent Page McGroarty ; Updated September 28, 2017

Create inspiring floral arrangements by utilizing unusual vases such as martini glasses. Whether styling arrangements for weddings or other special events, martini-glass vases provide sophisticated settings for your flowers. These may be utilized in numerous ways, including grouped or singular loose arrangements that spill over the glasses, or tight arrangements that appear as though they are about to burst forth from the glass. However you decide to style your arrangement, use "anchors" to keep your flowers in place, such as glass crystals or beads.

Fill the glass about a one-third to one-half the way full with glass beads or polished stones. This will help anchor your flowers so they do not fall out of the glass.

Cut the stems of your chosen flowers so 2 to 3 inches of stem remains on each flower. Arrange the flowers in the glass as desired, such as bunches of different-colored carnations or roses fitted tightly into the glass, or looser arrangements such as yellow and purple irises interwoven with greenery.

Add any embellishments to the arrangement as desired, such as more greenery or filler flowers like as baby's breath. Other options include sprinkling the arrangement with loose glitter or throwing in a few faux jewels.

Add an inch or two of water to the martini glass. Display the arrangement as desired, checking the arrangement at least once a day, adding more water as needed.


  • Use one large flower that envelops the entire inside of the glass as an alternative flower arrangement.

    Add a floral preservative, if desired, to make the cut flowers last longer.

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