How to Make Crystal Wedding Bouquets & Boutonnieres


Many brides are choosing less than traditional themes these days to show their individuality. A crystal bouquet and boutonniere are a perfect example of this trend. Classic and timeless crystals are wired together to make an arrangement that can compete with roses any day. Creating a crystal bouquet is a decision that will leave your guests taking about it for years.

Envision your bouquet in your mind. If you are good at sketching, sketch it on a piece of paper. See how the stems look and the length and what size you want it to be.

Cut your wire into pieces about 30 inches long. Make sure you don't cut them too short, because you will need enough to work with. Longer pieces of wire will make a looser bouquet while shorter pieces will make a tighter one.

Thread a crystal onto the wire. Try to get it as close to the middle as you can and bend the wire in half.

Hold onto the bead with one hand while using the other hand to twist both halves of the wire together. Keep twisting until you reach the end.

Continue until the bouquet is the size that you desire.

Cut all of your wires to about the same length and fold the bottoms up into a thick loop.

Wrap the wire stems in ribbon from the bottom to the top, overlapping as you go. Tie your ribbon in a bow and you are done.

Making a boutonniere follows about the same process as the bouquet. Cut three or four pieces of wire about 12 inches long. String the crystals and bend the wire in half. Twist together and wrap the finished crystal flowers together with ribbon like the bouquet.