How to Wear a Scarf With a Brooch

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Looking to add sophistication to your everyday outfit while exerting minimal effort? Add a scarf. Coordinate your scarf material with your clothing by wearing, for example, a pastel silk scarf with a summer dress or a cashmere or lamb's wool scarf during the colder months. Unfortunately scarves come undone easily and constantly repositioning your accessory is cumbersome. Strategically fastening your scarf with a brooch accents your decorative addition and saves you from retying your scarf throughout the day.

Lay your scarf flat and straight on a bed or table. Smoothing and unfolding the material lets you wrap your scarf evenly.

Wrap the scarf around your neck so both ends hang evenly over your torso.

Flip the left end over right shoulder so it overlaps with the other half of the scarf, making an X along your clavicle bone.

Hold the scarf in position with your non-dominant hand and slide the brooch pin through the X of scarf material so the needle points toward your shoulder.

Reinsert the pin-back up through the X of the scarf before securing it inside the brooch. Fan the material around the brooch with your fingers to give the scarf a fuller, more textured appearance.