How to Get Rid of Static Cling on Silk Clothing


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Silk is a delicate fabric that must be cared for in a specific way. Silk can be damaged by normal machine washing, so it must be washed by hand or dry cleaned. Silk is a poor conductor of electricity, so it is prone to static. Static can make clothes cling to the body in an unattractive way. When cleaning silk, static control is another important factor to consider.

Fill a large bowl or sink with warm water.

Add a quarter-size of hair conditioner to the water.

Stir the water with a large spoon until the conditioner spreads out into the water.

Put your silk clothing into the water and dip it in and out a few times.

Lay out a large towel.

Take your silk clothing out of the bowl/sink and place it on the towel.

Roll the towel up with the silk garment inside of it. This is a way of getting out excess water without wringing it out.

Let the silk garment dry outside, but not in direct sunlight.