What are Goblets Used For?

Goblets can be elegant, practical or both. In contemporary times, goblets are usually reserved for special occasions. In earlier times, hundreds of years ago, goblets were more common for everyday use. As a drinking vessel, a goblet’s use for cold or hot liquids is limited only by the material from which it is created.


Goblets are comprised of a cup basin, which is usually deep, on a stem, with a flattened base for balance. Goblets may be undecorated or adorned with jewels and other decorations, but they do not have a handle.

Religious Uses

Goblets are used for many religious ceremonies and occasions, including Christian communion and Jewish Passover.

Traditional Social Uses

Traditional uses of goblets include weddings. Goblets at weddings are usually simple plastic or glass goblets. You’ll also find goblets for wine, water and other drinks at many black-tie dinner parties and awards ceremonies.

Theme Parties

Goblets add authenticity to anachronistic theme parties, whether these parties are celebrating ancient Roman times, medieval times or other historical periods. Plastic goblets also make a nice addition to children’s themed birthday parties--appropriate themes goblets include fairies, wizards or royalty.


Goblets can be made of any material, but are commonly made of glass, plastic, crystal, pewter, gold, silver, ceramic or even wood. Gold-plated and silver-plated goblets are now, of course, more common than solid gold or solid silver goblets.


Due to their design, goblets are not as sturdy as mugs and similar cups. Those with thin stems and small bases tend to be especially top-heavy and are easily toppled if nudged. Glass goblets, as the glass is often thin, are prone to breaking if dropped--they can also break if the goblet is cool (from holding a cold drink) and is immersed too suddenly in hot dish water.


If you are considering adding goblets to your dinnerware, consider whether you want them for daily use or only special occasions. Glass, crystal and plastic goblets are easy to clean and perfectly suitable for normal use. Silver (or gold-plated) goblets add a feel of luxury. These can be harder to clean sometimes, but can become family heirlooms, handed down through generations, if kept in good shape. For the same reason, these goblets make wonderful wedding and anniversary gifts.