What Is a Bistro Table?

street cafe image by Tammy Mobley from Fotolia.com

Originating in the cafes of France, bistro tables are used by the space-deprived and style-discerning alike. These small tables lend themselves well to an intimate dinner or a drink with a friend.


A bistro, whether a cafe a restaurant or a bar, is small and intimate, with small tables.


Bistro tables are small, like bistros. The tables typically seat two comfortably, or three with a bit of crowding.


Bistro tables can function as a daily dining area in a cramped apartment or as occasional seating on the patio.


Bistro tables come in plastic, aluminum, wood and wrought iron to blend with any decor. Table tops include colored glass or mosaic tile to match your color scheme.


Dining-height bistro tables are appropriate for everyday use and approximate to a conventional dining table in height. Counter-height bistro tables are equivalent in height to a kitchen counter. Pub/Bar height is generally reserved for as a drinks-only table, typically only large enough to accommodate two glasses and a small appetizer.