Types of Hotel Rooms

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A hotel room means comfort, privacy, security and convenience to its occupants. Hotels offer different types of rooms that range in size, luxury and amenities. The look of a hotel room is affected by the location of the hotel itself, its target market and level of service provided. According to Ahmad Ismail in the book “Front Office Operations and Management,” hotel room types also vary on their number of occupants.

Standard Rooms

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Standard rooms, also referred to as single rooms or single-occupancy rooms, are the oldest type of rooms in the hotel business. They are typically good value for money, cozy and comfortable. Standard rooms are equipped with basic amenities and are generally the most affordable. Their price depends on various factors, including the view from their windows, design and type of furniture, the softness of the beds and so on. Standard rooms in 3-star hotels, for instance, are typically decorated with made-to-order furniture. Five-star standard rooms are equipped with luxury furniture, functional amenities and works of art—sculptures and/or paintings. Standard rooms vary in size, depending on the rating of the hotel. Standard rooms in 2-star hotels, for instance, are between 20 to 30 square feet, while those in 5-star hotels are required to be at least 52.5 square feet. Standard rooms are ideal for individual stays or short, overnight breaks.

Deluxe Rooms

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Deluxe rooms are typically among the most expensive in a hotel. Deluxe rooms are larger than standard rooms in size and differ between hotels in their degrees of comfort. They are equipped with basic and bonus amenities, including free access to a fitness center or pool, massage sessions, tours, alcoholic drinks and desserts. Deluxe rooms usually offer specific views: sea view, mountain view, garden view or inside view.


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Suites are small apartments that accommodate families or large parties. There are several types of suites, including super suites, standard suites and junior suites. Super suites are also called luxurious suites, president suites and executive suites. They are typically the most opulent room in a hotel. Standard suites are small sized apartments that range in size between 92 and 131 square feet. They are equipped with standard amenities, including high-speed Internet, television and telephone. Standard suites are ideal for business travelers. Junior suites are large rooms that sightly exceed standard rooms in size. They are a step above single rooms in size and offered amenities but are not as lavish as standard or luxurious suites. Junior suites are priced according to their size, amenities and opulence. They typically range between 30 and 82 square feet in size. Junior suites are fully-equipped and include a kitchenette and Internet access, besides standard amenities. They are perfect for honeymooners, vacationers and business people.