How Wide Are Double Hung Windows?

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Double hung windows are made in various standard sizes to offset the balance of a wall without being too wide to open and close. They are also designed to be proportionate to the height of the window.

Widths of Double Hung Windows

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The width of a standard sized double hung window can be as small as 24 inches or as large as 48 inches with widths in between. A bathroom may have a 24-by-24-inch window, while a living room may use a 48-by-72 inch for more sunlight.

Groupings of Double Hung Windows

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Double hung windows can be grouped together for a larger display of the outdoors while staying within the standard sizes.

Custom Double Hung Windows

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Replacing windows can require a custom sized double hung window that does not fall into the 24-inch to 48-inch width range. Manufacturers can make specific sizes, but they may recommend a window style other than double hung if the width exceeds the standard 48 inches.